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Core Kit

We built the most musical and realistic drum sample library available, specifically designed for the discerning audio professional.


Diversity Of Kit Pieces

Boasting 20 GB of samples, the Core Kit provides 30 hand-picked drums and cymbals from such notable makers as Yamaha, Ludwig, DW, Sonor, Gretsch, Pearl, Supraphonic, Craviotto, Zildjian, Paiste, Sabian, Meinl, and Wuhan.

Unparalleled Realism

Our instruments offer an extensive quantity of alternate hits for each velocity level. What results is extraordinary naturalism and the capacity for uncommonly nuanced performances.

Innovative Features

A drum kit is both a collection of individual kit pieces and a single instrument. Accordingly, we captured the bleed of each drum and the set’s sympathetic vibrations. A new contrast control allows for refined adjustment of such dynamics. 


Powerful Timbral Control

Straightforward sound-editing parameters—including level, pan, EQ, compression, transient modulation, and reverb sends—are simple and effective.

Multiple Microphone Perspectives

Kit pieces offer control over multiple recorded mic perspectives‚ including close mics, overheads, and rooms.

Embedded Reverb Engine

A dedicated reverb unit (built on 32 Impulse Responses) offers easy control, scalable room size, and adjustment of dampening and pre-delay for each kit piece.

Intuitive Interface

A simple, elegant, two-page interface allows for quick access to all adjustments, including articulation mapping, pitch randomization, velocity range, our innovative contrast control, and all mix parameters.

DAW-Oriented Routing

The design of the Core Kit reflects the demands of real-world recording sessions and is tailored to manipulating individual instruments within the familiar signal-routing and workflow of your native DAW.

Seamless Integration With Kontakt

The Core Kit integrates seamlessly within Native Instruments’ renowned Kontakt and Kontakt Player platforms.

Vi-Elements Core Kit

Virtual Instruments With Soul

Hand-Picked Drums & Cymbals

20 GB Of Samples, Uncompressed

Total Number Of Articulations

Impulse Responses For Convolution Reverb


Vi-elements is dedicated to crafting boutique virtual instruments for the discerning audio professional.

Our goal is to create the most musical and natural-sounding sample libraries in existence.

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